We regularly monitor healthy markets for profitable opportunities, based on various factors, including:

• Population Growth    • Job Growth                    • Income Growth    • Affordability
• Demand > Supply    • Business/ Landlord Friendly

ST. George, Utah

Tech Ridge St Geroge

In the Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis report by RCLCO (November 5, 2021), RCLCO estimated that Tech Ridge’s one-time economic impact from construction is 26,326 total jobs, with 19,143 of those jobs being construction jobs directly onsite. RCLCO estimated $1.09 billion in total labor output (wages, salaries, and benefits paid to workers associated with the construction), and a total economic output of $2.49 billion in the regional economy.



DFW photo

Rents up 20-33% YOY in 2021 in DFW

Among the 10 metros on the “hidden gem” list, DFW and San Antonio ranked first and second, respectively, for net domestic migration in 2020. Compared with all metro areas, San Antonio ranked seventh for net domestic migration (25,798) that year. Texas, as a whole, could reach 30 million people in 2022, according to recent Census figures.